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Celebrate 2018: October 11-14, Lancaster, PA

Get away and be spiritually refreshed at Celebrate 2018. Enjoy sweet times of fellowship with women from all across the nation in a unique and lovely historical setting. Gain new passion for your walk with Christ and celebrate what He is doing around the world. You won’t want to miss this intimate and inspiring event. Register by September 10, 2018. Learn More »

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  • when the busyness of our days overtake us, his beauty in us is marredHe’s Still Working On Me

    Paul wrote that the old sinful nature wars with our spiritual nature; indeed, we sometimes do what we should not or neglect to do what we should. How wonderful to know, however, that there is daily forgiveness

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  • Jesus Gives Life

    Who have you given up on? Who seems to be a lost cause, not worth your continued efforts or attention? What situation causes you to say, “Don’t bother. The dream is dead.”? On this Resurrection Sunday, don’t be a fool. Don’t be afraid. Be encouraged by the life-giving power of Jesus.

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  • HE is closer than He may appear in the mirror of my perspectiveNo Ifs, Ands, or Buts… Christ “IS”

    Whenever I drive my vehicle, I use the side view mirrors – on which is found that little engraved phrase, “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” I need to remember this in my spiritual walk with the Lord. He “IS” closer than He may appear in the mirrors of my perspective.

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  • You will never succeed at being unnoticed by JesusShe Could Not Go Unnoticed

    Have you ever tried to accomplish something without drawing attention to yourself?...Daughter. This is an invitation to relationship. This is a declaration of belonging. Jesus gives this woman the assurance that she is accepted, she is adopted, and she has Someone who will lovingly see to her needs

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