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  • Out of the Wilderness

    Six years ago, I began a journey that changed my life. I had been in a long drought of wilderness travel spiritually, when I was introduced to spiritual transformation retreats. My decision, at the start, was to jump into those retreats with both feet.

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  • Reach Out

    Truth time. I procrastinate. A lot. There are so many things on my “to-do” list that I just don't feel like doing. So, I haven't. For a really, really, long time!

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  • Looking Forward with Hope

    On the first day of spring, March 20, 2017, I finally removed the pumpkins and gourds that were artfully arranged in the planters outside my front door...Now, I look at the empty planters, and the bare dirt, and anticipate what they may look like this spring and summer. Do I dread what I may see in these planters? No! I look forward with hope.

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  • Words of Hope, Truth and Love!

    Words! They are powerful. They are effective. Words can be used for good or not so pleasant intentions. Words convey feelings, beliefs, our character and inner thoughts. Words can encourage or discourage, heal and bring forgiveness or cut deep wounds. Words make a lasting impression – positive or negative

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