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  • Psalm 139:14, fearfully and wonderfully made, unique, worshipPeculiar Worship

    This is also God’s message to you. He has made YOU unique. Maybe you feel strange. BUT God is the author of the “strange”; He made you the way you are. He made you with your personality and all your quirks. His relationship with you is as unique as you are. He is glorified when you worship Him in the way He built you to worship Him.

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  • Simply Speak About JesusShe Spoke

    Anna spoke about the child Jesus. We have been called to do the same. Speak about Jesus. I’m afraid we often over complicate this commission.

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  • He is able to do immeasurably moreMore about Jesus…

    Our Lord wants us to have more; He wants us to allow His power to work in and through us in this sin-darkened world.

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  • In Times of uncertainty and confusion, we benefit from godly counsel and trusted friendsMy Spirit Rejoices in God My Savior

    At times, when Jesus enters our life, we find ourselves shaken, uncertain of the implications of His presence in and purpose for us. This is not, in most instances, the best time to be alone. We are created for community. In times of uncertainty and confusion, we benefit from godly counsel and trusted friends.

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