Redemption Study

Recovering Redemption: How Christ Changes Everything

by Matt Chandler

All of us can have a sense of dissatisfaction. Typically, we look for solutions in four places—self, others, the world, and religion. But none of these can satisfy. The gospel is the remedy for everything in our lives, including our struggles, difficult circumstances, and broken relationships. Recovering Redemption is about recovering what is lost and broken— our relationship with Jesus. Those who have been Christ followers for years will find that these 12 sessions will help connect the dots of their faith, serving as a bridge between salvation and maturity. This is also an essential study for new believers. Through this series, you can get traction in areas where you feel frustrated or stagnant in your relationship with the Lord as well as enhance your relationship with Him and others.

We watched the DVD together and discussed it. During the week I went through the three devotionals, which really helped me internalize the things that we learned and discussed in our group. This is an amazing study—very foundational and formational! -Samantha

Laura Faltynski

Laura Faltynski

Member at Large. Laura is our newest member on the team, elected to begin serving on June 1, 2017. Laura lives in Rapid City, SD. She also serves as the regional director for the Rocky Mountain District. Laura can be reached at

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