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UPDATE: “Let’s Have Coffee” Missions Project

I am thankful for our partnership in the gospel! I am grateful for the Great Commission Women and the special attention that they have given to significant projects that are specific and strategic in scope. In 2015, I received a grant for a development project targeting women helping women through suffering and emotional pain. This is a very important subject for me as a counselor working in a country that has seen generations of hurt due to war, oppression, and poverty.

When I wrote the grant proposal, I had a vision of a church in Kosovo that was ready and willing to be the hands and heart of Jesus through women who were trained in listening and caring for people in need. I had a vision of the church is a safe place for people to heal and a place where they would find resources and skilled counselors.  The vision was launched by the book, “The Kitchen Table Counselor” and the idea that a Biblical response to suffering includes a heart to listen and understand while equipping Christian women to “take her to Jesus”.  In addition to this lay training resource, I wanted to create a network of Mental Health Facilitators within the church who could address crises and work with people who needed counseling and safety in order to heal from their emotional wounds.

The Great Commission Women grant has allowed us to move forward with this vision.  I’m sending the attached PowerPoint presentation, and the following financial report as an update.  The project is underway but moving slower than anticipated.

Some reasons for the delays:

  • We had to wait an additional year to begin because of a change in our team structure that required us to re-apply for recognition by KPEK (Kosovo Evangelical Protestant Church) before rolling out the book translations.
  • Time has been needed to identify and develop core relationships throughout the nation through the publication of the Kitchen Table Counselor and subsequent networking.
  • I finished my Ph.D, which made it possible to become a head trainer for the MHF program this fall, rather than paying for trainers to come from the U.S.
  • The KPEK women’s commission didn’t have a leader for a time, and so we postponed the women’s conference until this year.
  • Ron and I were on a one-year home assignment.
  • Conference Speaker availability.

These delays have in no way compromised the quality of the project, and indeed there has been a growing awareness and connection in the field of Christian counseling within the nation from the time of the publication of the book which will maximize the impact of the coming women’s conference (Oct. 2018) and MHF training (Sept. 2018)

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