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  • stories from the field cama orphan projecrtStories from the Field CAMA Orphan Project

    Thanh is thankful to CAMA for supporting her and her younger sister, Linh, with school tuition and rice so that they can continue school. Now a senior, Thanh hopes to pass a college-entrance exam in summer 2018. She wants to become a teacher and return to her village to teach disadvantaged children like herself.

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  • Being a Servant LeaderNo Rights Yet Recognizes Authority

    “No rights, recognizes authority, works hard, and doesn’t expect recognition.” What a list! These are phrases from Jon Byler’s book, The Heart of Christian Leadership, describing the characteristics of a servant. As I read those phrases, I felt a sense of conviction. Do I really understand what servant leadership is?

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  • fail now what#Fail: Now What?

    Within hours, Peter denied knowing Jesus three times, let alone admitting to loving this man he’d trailed for three years. Peter, and the other disciples with him, failed. Feared. Fled. They locked themselves away, where one night, Peter said, brilliantly, “Let’s go fishing” (John 21:1–13). Fishing? Didn’t they leave those nets to follow Jesus?

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  • avoid being foolishAvoid Being Foolish

    I have never been a fan of April Fools’ Day. I do not enjoy pranks or practical jokes. I try to avoid being foolish. If you have the same mindset, you might appreciate a few insights from Scripture concerning the foolish. What I share is by no means comprehensive, but it does provide a good place to begin if you want to avoid being foolish.

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