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  • Speak Kindly with Love Speak PeaceSpeak Kindly and with Love! Speak Peace and Joy!

    This is what we know to be true: "we are women who can make a kingdom impact. We can be kind and loving. We can speak peace and joy." We have the Holy Spirit in us, and He works through us. We cannot do anything of lasting significance by our own strength. We cannot bring about peace in our relationships on our own. We depend completely on Him, our Savior. Others will see the power of God in us and experience His peace and His love which have been given freely to us.

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  • Peace in the valleyPeace In the Valley

    Yet, in this valley is where Christ has so tangibly manifested Himself as the faithful Shepherd who comforts and leads us beside restful waters. It is here that our family has come to know the good, good Father who fathers the orphan—who has been a loving Husband to the widow when dad has been unwell.

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  • New Every MorningNew Every Morning

    When I awoke this morning and opened the window shades, I was met with a glorious sight. The sky was blue, the sunrise was creating a warm glow of yellow and salmon, and freshly-fallen snow was glittering on the trees. I was met with a new day, fresh and full of promise. Immediately the phrase, “the sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning,” came to mind and I was drawn to my piano to worship

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  • stories from the field sloStories from the Field – Silver Lining Orphanage Xiao

    I understand why she left. Our home was too poor and she had been through a rough time. I just hope she’s happy and that her husband treats her well. Things got worse after that because I had to wake up much earlier than before to find wild vegetables and feed pigs before taking my siblings to school. My brother was 7, my sister was 3 and my youngest brother was only a couple months old. Before waking them up I would cry alone because I was so tired but I kept telling myself that as the oldest sister I should carry the burden alone.

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