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Celebrate 2018: October 11-14, Lancaster, PA

Get away and be spiritually refreshed at Celebrate 2018. Enjoy sweet times of fellowship with women from all across the nation in a unique and lovely historical setting. Gain new passion for your walk with Christ and celebrate what He is doing around the world. You won’t want to miss this intimate and inspiring event. Register by September 10, 2018. Learn More »

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  • ouv ou“OUV OU” (“I Love You”!) ~ Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength!

    I heard the sounds of “ouv ou” three times. I quickly turned to smile at his mommy who concurred that he was saying “I love you”. Now it may appear that this Nana wanted to hear those words, and I did indeed. If you are a grandparent you understand. But we are convinced that the message his young mind and heart was conveying was love and admiration through “ouv ou” - “I love you”! Words he has heard often.

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  • straighten upStraighten Up!

    A few years back, I wrote these words while experiencing an afternoon of solitude and silence with the Lord: “Stop looking down, in, up. Start looking forward, at.” I was convicted by my tendency to avert my gaze from others. I confessed my preference to deliberately look away, be self-absorbed, or even at times to look to God to avoid looking at others. God’s word to me was very clear: “Look at people. Notice their circumstances. Consider what I may want to do for them through you.”

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  • What an extravagant loveWhat An Extravagant Love!

    Sometimes it is difficult to feel that God actually loves us. We hear about it, read about it, also sing songs about it, but because of our life circumstances, we do not believe and receive it. There are times when we are going through a difficult situation and ask ourselves, “How can He love me if my life is a mess?” Those feelings often betray us. One of the ways to trust Him and believe that He loves us with an extravagant love is through His Word. Our feelings are not always truthful, but God’s Word is God’s TRUTH!

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  • Blessing is available for all who respond to God’s message with repentance and obedienceGenuine Admiration

    What about you? Do you have genuine admiration for a woman of faith? Praise God! Affirm and bless her. But be careful not to give celebrity status to an individual. Instead, focus on the gospel message demonstrated by the person and work of Christ. Blessing is available for all who respond to God’s message with repentance and obedience. Jesus said so himself.

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