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Celebrate 2018: October 11-14, Lancaster, PA

We’re SO EXCITED for this event!  We have so many great speakers and things planned.  We think you’ll love it too.  Regular registration is closed, but we wanted to make sure more of you could come, so…

1 Day Passes are now available!

They’ll only be around a few weeks, so get yours today!

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  • stories from the field rachelStories from the Field – Silver Lining Orphanage

    “A Ge, dad is missing.” These were the words 5-year-old Rachel told her 7-year-old Paul three years ago; their drug-addicted father had abandoned them

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  • The Upside Down LifeThe Upside-Down Life

    The other thing that came right back was the “being a Mom feeling.” Nothing much was really getting done here – just feeding, dressing, undressing, washing, unwashing, entertaining, refereeing, listening, negotiating, coaching, anticipating, teaching, guarding, and eradicating (some) sin. Pretty much took everything I had to give. Lots of sweetness and love but no great sense of accomplishment.

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  • celebrate promoTell Me A Story

    At Celebrate 2018, we’ll be telling stories about the heroes of our faith, our relatives in the Scriptures who’d never heard of God before and yet dared to follow this God into exploits and adventures that revealed their worst selves—and God’s very best.

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  • Connected with othersConnected to Others

    I believe there is someone in your life God has uniquely prepared for you to bless. They have been prepared for you and you have been prepared for them. I believe that it's time to ask God to lead you to that person. Don't be surprised if it's someone you already have a relationship with. Jesus is ready to do his work through you. All He needs is your availability.

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