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  • Chosen to impact the worldChosen to Impact the World

    We are women chosen by God to impact this world. This statement can be intimidating.

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  • Update HoHHands of Honor Update

    For many of the girls that come to us, these staff members are some of the first to ever express concern or defend them against injustice. Often, these women are also the first Christ-followers they’ve ever met. It’s been amazing to see hearts respond to the gospel as the girls are introduced to Jesus through storying through the Bible and tangibly seeing His love in action.

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  • Be YouBe You!

    The camera doesn’t lie, but people do. In our age of social media and in a culture where visual images have great impact, it is good to be aware of the potential for deceit. Every photo is not necessarily an accurate representation of reality. Have you noticed how people react when a camera is present?

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  • Stories from the Field SantidougouStories from the Field – Santidougou Widows Center

    When Hawa was in 7th grade, her mother was able to pay the first down payment of her school fees. Hawa enrolled and began to attend classes with her friends. But when the next payment came due, her mother could not come up with the funds. The school threatened to kick Hawa out if the money wasn’t paid

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